Personal Projects

Florence’s Sacred Heart Dress

Florence Welch’s music is one of the main inspirations for me. Her voice has helped me through the struggles in my life and has given me a new sensitive point of view onto my designs, where fabric flows and transparencies add the concept of an intimate world below the real one.

I wanted to return the favor by making something for her, as a fan. This dress was the culmination of my personal transformation from an insecure victim into the hero of my own narrative.

Queen of the Stars – Gratacós Window Display

Purple Blue Agency, in collaboration with Gratacós – a well known and prestigious fabric supplier in Barcelona – organized a contest to design a total look for them along with a window display to be shown through February 2018.

David Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust was a source of inspiration for this project. It’s a homage to the late singer in the form of a kind of operistic dress for him now that he’s at the stars. It’s called the Queen of the stars, referencing how he liked to play with his perceived gender and how he questioned the social imagery of queer people.

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